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# 1 My Pitbulls and Photos & pedigrees Of dogs I own today.

# 1 My Pitbulls and Photos & pedigrees Of dogs I own today.
Dogs for sale page.
I need these photos of these dogs & dogmen. Also the Sin-Sin dog.
Some of the dogs I fought 1960's 70' 80's History #2
Many New Arrest. These dogfighters families suffer more than any dogs when arrested.
A top Patterdale Terrier Kennel belonging to a friend..
Weldon Stockton's Page
(Joseph) Joe Corvino
Some History J. Williams, B. De Cordova & More. #3
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Earl Tudor PAGE #6
John P. Colby, Family and dogs. Page # 7
Some old timers- George C. Armitage-Al Brown-George Saddler Page # 8
Lonzo Pratt and some Zebo talk. & California Jack with Ponch & Missy Page # 9
Don Mayfield and some dogs he owned & some he Borrowed Page # 10
Floyd Boudreaux one of the Best dogmen of my era. Page # 11
More Floyd Boudreaux Bullyson,Eli Jr. ,Zebo comparison. Page12
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Wolves Attack Pitbulls on chains in Yugoslavia. See what happened
Building a Breeding Stand and a forever Swivel.
Some old Pedigrees
Some friends I've met through my Pitbull Era and my family.
Why do pitbulls all have a different level of gameness?
Why do people fight dogs.
What I think about Pedigrees online.
Unjust facts about pitbulls and dogfighters.
Politics and a USDA & Health Department Warning.
1990's and my little Zoo
Some of the dogs I liked from the 60's-70's and 80's
My Friends from other Countries..
Interesting History Concerning children and Pitbulls
Some More Pitbull Trivia and old pitbull photos with famous people

I am Randy Fox. 405-288-6014 or randyfox70@yahoo.com I quit fighting dogs when I was around 40 years old. If you are any Branch of Law Enforcement. You will be wasting your time and your Local, State or Federal fund's trying to convict an innocent man like myself. I have thousands of friend and family witnesses on my side. I tell everyone and mean it. If you fight dogs you will go to jail. Don't fight dogs because your family needs you. I am an old man that loves to have top bred dogs and will always keep game-bred dogs because they are better for hog hunting. Since it is a felony to sell a dog or buy a dog to fight. There are no pit-bull books, breaking sticks, treadmills, or any dogfight paraphernalia. I do not do drugs or even drink beer anymore due to stomach problems. I will positively not sell a dog to fight. So do not even ask.

I named My Pretty Boy Floyd dog after this guy.
A reward poster from the past.

All my dogs are game bred with many famous fighting dogs behind them. I have them for hog hunting only. My attorney says that no branch of law enforcement can arrest me for owning this type dog. I hope she is right. If you think arresting people because of their dog's pedigree. I guess you will arrest convicted killer's children also. I believe Gamebred dogs have more heart for hog Catchdogs. If you fight dogs. Don't ask to buy a dog from me. I do not do stud service for anyone. Do not come to my place without asking permission. Randy Fox 

I have no dogs at stud to any females. It is just to much trouble. I changed my policy and allow no-one to come to my home except my old friends. To you dog Thieves, I have a silent alarm system. I will creep upon you and shoot you if I can. So lets please not let it go that far. I am home 99.9 % of the time except grocery trips. Thank you. Randy Fox
This is pretty Boy Floyd.
Floyd is a Boudreaux-Skull with some of the old type Kemmer Blood.

Pretty Boy Floyd's Pedigree

This female below is Night Mare. She has earned her a permanent home here. I have finally got her settled down enough that I can handle her. She was a wild animal when I got her. She had hate toward any animal or dog in her eyes and meant it. It was a wrestling match just to get in and out of the pen. I built her a lobby with two gates. I stepped in the lobby and shut the first door behind me and then entered the second door to her pen. She would shoot by me but it didn't help her any. She finally learned to stay when I scolded her. Now she is in a pen with one gate and stays when I tell her to. She really puts fire in her pups. She is an asset to the pitbull world.

This is Night Mare. She has a permanent home here.
She was one insane dog. But after many hours of work. She can now be handled.


This female below is called Black Magic. She is 5 months old in this photo. I was going to keep three pups but ended up just keeping her. I have cut down to four dogs. This winter was hard keeping them water and getting in the pens  with all the snow and ice building up daily. It made me realize I do not have the balance I use to have. I fell twice and hurt my leg and hip but got over it. With four dogs feeding and taking care of them is much easier for an old man. I have lots of pens but they set empty.

This is My Black Magic female.

Black Magic off Floyd and Night Mare

People have called from all over with out of this world offers wanting this male called Twista. He is not for sale. The man wants him back if I get rid of him. He ask me if someone called could he give them my number. I have no idea why his  value is so high. I know he is a good dog and people have lots of money and I do have the registration papers in my name. Other than that the offers are a mystery to me.

Fox's Twister This Male is House broke.
I have been offered some skyrocket prices for this male.


This is one fine female. Not for sale.
This Little girl was born august 2012

Twisted Sister Pedigree