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This is Pretty boy Floyd. He died 10/09/2019. He was a rough tough pitbull.

This is Pretty boy Floyd. He died 10/09/2019. He was a rough tough pitbull.
Floyd.died 10/9/2019
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Some of the dogs I liked from the 60's-70's and 80's
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Interesting History Concerning children and Pitbulls
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I am Randy Fox. 405-288-6014 or randyfox70@yahoo.com I am retired and on a fixed income.  I am in the house after 7pm central time if you want to talk to me. I quit fighting dogs when I was around 40 years old. If you are part of any Branch of Law Enforcement. You will be wasting your time and your Local, State or Federal fund's trying to convict an innocent man like myself. I have thousands of friend and family witnesses on my side. I tell everyone and mean it. If you fight dogs you will go to jail. Don't fight dogs because your family needs you. I am an old man that loves to have top bred pit dogs and will always keep game-bred dogs because they are better for hog hunting and they are in my blood. I have no dogs on chains. They are all in pens. I am sure you undercover boys have already checked that and know it is the truth. Since it is a felony to sell a dog or buy a dog to fight. In order not to be framed there are no pit-bull books, breaking sticks, treadmills, or any dogfight paraphernalia. I do not do drugs or even drink beer anymore due to stomach problems. I will positively not sell a dog to fight. So do not even ask. Some one wrote and ask me why I have dogs out of famous pit winners. These dogs are much better off here than in the hands of a dogfighter and 99 percent of pitbull people love dogs bred this way. I sell a litter or two per year. That doesn't start to pay for the dogfood I feed or the other added expenses. I simply love the famous game pitbull dogs. They are the only true pitbull.

All my dogs are game bred with many famous fighting dogs behind them. I have them for hog hunting only. My attorney says that no branch of law enforcement should arrest me for owning this type dog and if they do they are messing up. I hope she is right. If you think arresting people because of their dog's pedigree. I guess you will arrest convicted killer's children also. I believe Gamebred dogs have more heart for hog Catchdogs. If you fight dogs. Don't ask to buy a dog from me. I do not do stud service for anyone. Do not come to my place without asking permission. Randy Fox 

This is pretty Boy Floyd.
Floyd is a Boudreaux & Skull with a fraction of Kemmer Blood Boudreaux acquired from Kemmer.

Pretty Boy Floyd's Pedigree


Below is a young female I own her name is Sage. She weighs 34 pounds. She is out of Capone and Tossa.



This is my male dog called Jose. He will weigh around 39 pounds. He is out of Tossa and Capone. He is stark raving insane and after everything.






All my pens are 9 gauge and at least 24 by 18 feet, Some are 24 by 24 and some are twice that size. I label the names of each dog on each pen. That way if I have a family member feed and a dog needs a shot. There is no room for mistakes. Plus if I die my wife will know which dog is which. She doesn't know all the dogs and isn't a dog person. I like that just fine. I like making all the decisions about my dogs. That is a small deep freeze I made into a doghouse. I have two deep freeze doghouses. These are great cold weather houses or if a dog drags or tears up doghouses these usually work for that kind of dog. I also have four commercial metal doghouses for the destructive dogs also. I also have several Igloo doghouse for those who don't tear up everything.

Below is a pipe going through the fence into a stainless steel feeder. This feeder is made from a small stainless Lavatory sink. The funnel lets you feed from the outside of the pen. That way if you get home late and are dressed nice or someone else is feeding. No one has to go inside the pen. The water container is a one half cast-iron kitchen sink. I sawed this sink into with an electric sawzall. I use each half covered with a heavy steel grate. Just big enough for the dog to get his head in. Both the feeder and the waterer are attached to the Fence so it can't be drug around. All my pens are equipped with these waterers and feeders. There is no dogs on chains here.



This is my friend Donminic Goosby and Randy Fox