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Another Story



Something I forgot to say about Scratching a dog at a cat hide. It does not teach them to scratch. It increases there desire. It brings there mind up a notch in the prey drive area. I noticed that a dog that has been scratched at a cat hide is completely insane when brought into an area where a pit is. His nature has reached a height of ambition that reaches a real high scale. People started to notices the wild screams of my dog with their anticipation to get to that pit. He even tried to bite my hands to let him go. Don't scratch a dog at a hide this day and time or you will go to prison.
I also use to work dogs on tread mills and also on turn tables. While they were working I would play a radio turned to loud music. I also would have a pan in each hand and walk around the area where he was working banging the pans together. I would jump at the dog and holler and make different kinds of loud screams around him while he worked. All this was to adjust him to the loud crowds that screamed and cheered for their favorite. That scares some dogs when they hit the door of the building with that loud crowd talking and hollering for their favorite. My system adjusted them so this pit-side sound did not bother them.

'For Historical Purposes Only' Cajun Dogfight Rules By

 'G.A. Gaboon Trahan' 

Rule 1: Size of pit, optional; to be square with sides 2 feet high, scratch line 12 feet apart.

Rule 2: Referee to be chosen before the dogs are weighed in or washed and referee to conduct the contest according to these rules and his decision to be final.

Rule 3: Referee to see the dogs weighed at time agreed on and if either dog is over top weight agreed on he loses the forfeit money.

Rule 4: Parties to toss coin to see who shall wash first, each party to furnish two clean towels and a blanket.

Rule 5: If requested to do so the referee shall search the person named to wash the dogs and then have him bare his arm to the elbow and wash both dogs in the same warm water and rinse them each in his half of the warm clean water provided for that purpose.

Rule 6: As the dogs are washed clean and dried they shall be turned over to their handlers and at once taken to their corners of the pit as designated by the referee and the referee must search handlers for means of foul play and see that he bares his arms to the elbow before he receives his dog and must keep his arms bare in such a manner during the contest.

Rule 7: The dog's owner or his representative shall be allowed at all times to be near his dog and watch to see that no harm is done him, and each owner shall be allowed to name a man or himself watch his opponent's dog and handler at all times to see he is given no unfair advantage.

Rule 8: Either dog's owner, handler, or watcher if he sees anything wrong must at once appeal to the referee and get his decision. And if any handler, watcher or owner violates any of these rules and thereby favors either dog the dog so favored must at once be declared the loser.

Rule 9: The interested parties shall choose a timekeeper at the pit side.

Rule 10: The dogs are placed in their corners of the pit, opposite corners, faces turned from each other and only the dogs and their handlers inside the pit. Then the referee shall say, "Face you dogs". Each handler must always show his dog full head and shoulders between his legs. The referee says, "Let go", but the handlers must never push or shove their dogs and handlers shall not leave their corners until the dogs are together.

Rule 11: Now when one of the dogs turns his head and shoulders away from his opponent after the fight is on it is a turn, whether they are in holds or free, and the handler must claim the turn and the referee must allow the claim if he believes it is a turn or the referee must call the first fair turn he sees whether the handler claims it or not and when the referee calls a turn he shall say, "Handle your dogs", and each handler must pick up his dog as soon as he can without breaking a hold. Handlers carry their dogs to their respective corners the referee shall say, "Face your dogs". Then the handlers must show their dog's head and shoulders between their legs, facing the center of the pit. The dog that turned first must scratch first. In five seconds more the referee shall say; "Let go", then the dog that made the first turn must be turned loose by his handler and this dog must go across and mouth the other dog. If, when he is turned loose he refuses to start at once or is he stops on the way over, or if he fails to reach his opponent must declare his opponent the winner. A handler is allowed to release his dog at anytime he sees fit after the dog whose turn it is to cross has started over. He must turn him loose when the dogs touch each other. He is not compelled to until then.

Rule 12:

  1. If neither dog has made a turn and they cease to fight after 60 seconds of no action the down dog is to scratch first, if he makes his scratch the fight is on and they shall scratch in turns until the contest is decided.
  2. If the down dog fails to scratch the other dog is to scratch to win. If he fails to scratch the contest shall be declared a draw by the referee.
  3. No handler is to handle his dog until ordered by referee, if he does, it shall be called a foul and he is to forfeit the contest to his opponent.
  4. No flash pictures or hitting on pit side shall be allowed unless agreed upon by the two contestants.

Rule 13: After the dogs are together this time either handler is allowed to pick up his dog when they are not in holds, if ordered by referee. If he tries for a pick up and either dog has a hold he must turn him loose at once. If he catches his dog up free both handlers must handle their dogs at once. Take their dogs to their corners and proceed same as at the first turn, except this time the dog which went across before is allowed to remain in his corner while his opponent makes a scratch, or goes across, and they alternate or take it turn about in this manner until one of them is declared the winner under these rules. The referee pays no attention to the turns after the first scratch.

Rule 14: If one of the dogs fangs himself, that is, if he gets his teeth hung in his own lip, his handler is allowed to un-fang him. If the dogs have to be separated for this they are turned loose again, both at the same time within two feet of each other in the center of the pit.

Rule 15: No sponging shall be allowed, and no towels or anything else taken into the pit by the handlers except a bottle of drink for his dog and a fan to cool him with. The handlers must taste their dogs drink before the referee to show that it contains no poison. Most people wavered this rule and used a gallon can of water and a sponge in Texas, Oklahoma. Arkansas and Missouri in the 1960's until the felony laws were passed.

Rule 16: If the handler of either dog is seen to take anything from anyone on the outside of the pit he is to lose the battle. Each party shall have the right to put a man near his opponent's corner to watch the handler. Should he see the handler put anything on his dog he may appeal to the referee and if the referee finds anything on the dog he is to lose the battle.

Rule 17: Should either handler leave the pit with his dog before the referee renders his decision he is to lose the battle.

Rule 18: The handlers shall be allowed to encourage their dogs by voice or hand-clapping or snapping of fingers, but must not touch their dogs or use foul, dirty methods, by saving their dogs from hard fall or keeping the other handler away from his dog, or in any other way act unfairly. The referee must decide the battle against the one who does so.

Rule 19: Should the police interfere the referee to name the next meeting place.

For you readers information. With the Cajun rules no dog was ever forced to fight that didn't want to. No person ever matched a dog in my day that didn't want to fight. If a dog doesn't want to fight. He will be counted out in the first minute of the fight. He will turn away from the dog that is his or her opponent and a turn will be called and both dogs will be handle and the dog that doesn't want to fight is counted out. Only the dogs that really want to fight will be fought.
                   I have a theory. If something happened in our world where all humans died and all the dogs ran free. The extremely fight crazy aggressive dogs will kill each other off. Those that fight when their boundary is crossed will fight when a dog from another territory crosses their marked territory. That type pitbull will continue to exist. They will mark their territory and stay in it with their clan. They will only attack intruders. That is where we are guilty in the dogfight world. We take our dog to a pit and set him down breaking territory so to speak. In other words the dogs are too close together and will try to kill the other dog. They believe the other dog is an intruder to him or her.  It is instinct for them to kill the dog that enters their territory. They are with their Master so they feel they are in their territory. That is why it is important to talk and encourage most dogs when they are fighting. Keep them believing you are with them in their territory. The crazy dogs that love to fight do not need that encouragement. They live only to fight. Like I said that type would not live long in a nonhuman world. I may be the only human that knows these facts. If you just think about this for a minute and look at it with your minds eye. You will know I'm right. Randy Fox

 I was at some matches down by Lawton, Oklahoma in the late 60's. Maloney was matched into Jimmy Jobe. They got in a fuss and Maloney hit Jobe and knocked him down once. When he hit Jobe. Earl Tudor jumped up and started screaming where are they at Don. He had cataracts and had limited visibility. He thought Don was fighting several people. Earl had his fist up and was screaming angry words ready to fight. He had to be in his upper sixties. L.W. Martin thought he could settle him down. So he walked over and got in front of Earl Tudor trying to talk to him. Earl hit Martin in the face and knocked him backwards before Martin could duck. Martin yelled out at him 'It is me Earl'. He finally got Earl settled down. What else was sort of entertainment was that when Don knocked Jobe down he got right back up and got hit a second time and Curred out saying lets fight dogs and not each other. Jobe's wife was setting in the bleachers and passed out and rolled down the steps to the ground when the first lick hit Jimmy Jobe. Danny Burton was setting right behind Jobes wife and looked at me with a big grin on his face and shook his head from side to side.
Earlier in the year Jobe had moved here to Oklahoma which was the biggest area of bulldog fighting back then. He came here from California. He stopped by Earl Tudor's house and knocked on Earls door telling him he was some kind of big time dog-fighter. Jobes hair was dark black and he had his hair greased down. Jobe had used me for an excuse to stop there. He thought If he told Earl that he knew me he could stay and visit. He made a mistake of taking out a notebook and handing Earl a page that he had written down all the weights he had open to match. Earl grabbed it and tore it up and threw it to the ground. You just didn't walk up to Earl trying to upstage him. Earl Tudor called me after he left and ask me if I knew that Jobe guy with the greased down hair. I told him yes he move out here about 16 miles from me. I was living at Drummond,Oklahoma back then and working at Vance Air Force Base. He said do you like him? I told him. No I can't stand him. He said he wished he'd known that Jobe wasn't my friend like he tried to Tell Earl he was. He said he would have knocked him on his ass. Don't you think for a minute he wouldn't have. I know he would have for sure. Earl was not afraid of any man. I'm not sure he could whip a lot of them that were super tough but he did not fear them.
The first time Don took Danny Burton over to Earls. Earl Tudor came out of the house and stook his nose to Dannys face and walked in a circle all the way around Danny with his head and nose real close to Danny's head. Earl was about 5 foot 7 or 8 and weighed about 150 to 160 pounds. Danny said Earl scared him when he did that. I'm sure Danny could have Whipped him. Yet Earl was not sure Danny could whip him or he wouldn't have done that.
MY real father who my Mother devorced when I was three and my dads brother one of my Uncles use to haul whiskey for Tudor from Leo Kinards house in Mississippi to Earls Tudors house back in the late 1930's to the 1940's. I took Skeeter my uncle to a dogfight in the 1960's and took him over to Talk to Earl. They talked the Whiskey business for an hour while the dogs fought. That is enough stories for now. I hope you guys enjoy what I wrote.
Randy Fox



Another Story

Another funny story
A Half wolf story

In the early days I had dogs on chains. I found out the axles are good at killing dogs. I wrapped 1/2 inch chains around a cement block. I then bolted it to it and buried it. The 1/2 inch chain stuck out about a foot. I attached a 3/8 inch chain for each dog to it. I made all my rings and swivels myself. I put two one inch nylon dollars on each dog. That way if one broke the collar. The other collar would hold the dog. I checked each dog daily for wear on collars and chains. It takes a little while but is worth it. Store bought swivels just didn't last good. Axles work there way up in lots of different type soils. I think they should be banned. The dog will put a half hitch with his chain around the Axle and he can't get out of the sun. I have had hundreds of people tell me this sad story about one or more of their dogs dying this horrible death. It is so simple not to use that system. Someone try to tell me cement block will crumble in the ground. That is bull. I had some on my place for 40 years and recently dug them up. They were like new except for the dirt stuck to them. Axles are a lazy man's fix. I've showed lots of people my system but only about half of them went to it. Anyway, I'm sure there will be lots of negative and positve thoughts on this. And by the way, I have no chains at all. Just pens. I believe they are the best.

Below is the device that Michael Vick used for killing dogs. Someone sent me this photo they found on the web.
                         Believe it or not. Most every dogfighter killed the dogs that quit and wouldn't fight. Some shot them some used the shot veterinarians use to put them down. Others used an electrical jumper to put them down. In residential areas where there were neighbors close by. People didn't want to shoot a gun to kill the dogs. They feared they might attract attention. So they bought an electrical jumper that can be purchased at most Commercial electrical stores. Some dogmen made their own electrical jumper. Below is a photo of how it is attached to a dog. It takes an average of 20 seconds to kill a dog and never any longer than 20 seconds. I am showing this for people to understand how it was used by many dogmen in the 80s and later. Do not use this or even own this jumper if you have pitbulls. Owning this can be used as evidence to convict you of dogfighting. This commercial electrical jumper has two clips. The red is attached to the ear the black to the Flank. Them it is plugged in. Illustration below on a Teddy Bear.


We are a weird country with weird ways. When we came to the Americas. We whipped down and killed many indians and took their country. That was considered fine. Then when we needed help to run our Plantations or farms. We captured africans and brought them to the United States and made Slaves of them. We Captured, Tortured and killed them if they didn't obey.our orders. That was considered fine. We attacked Iraq and killed many children,women and old people and soldiers. That was also accepted and it was said that was wonderful.
            If a person fights a dog or puts a dog down that is consider bad and you may go to prison. Yet a Veterinarian can put one down and that is Ok. What a world we have transformed our country into. Don't let us as citizens ever forget. The transformation started when we arrived in the Americas and is still transforming daily and we are letting it transform. Stop the Lobbying with money being handed to politions and lots of this will stop.


I've told everyone about some of the bad things I have done in my past pit-bull life. Now I will tell You about a good part of my life. I am a retired Plumbing contractor. I along with three of my Journeyman Plumbers were remodeling a Bathroom at an Elementary school in Oklahoma city. It was to be completely gutted and new flooring wall tile and all the Plumbing replaced. We brought our lunch each day. There was a lady custodian who offered to let us eat in her custodian room. It had a large table and a coke machine. We jumped all over that. In my conversations with her. She said she had six children. She said she ran away from home when she was 14 years old. Her parents had lived in Arkansas and Missouri. I ask her if her folks had ever seen her kids. She said no they don't know I exist or anything about my life. I could see in our conversation that she still had feeling for her Dad but hated her mom. She had something happen to her that her Mom did. She went to her father and he stuck with the Mom. So she marked them both off her list and ran away. She said good things about her Dad almost every day. I kept trying to talk her into letting me find him for her. I did this because I have children and was seeing me in his shoes. She eventually said you can find him but don't tell him where I am at till I say OK. She gave me all his details and their last address. I got on the computer and went to work when I got home. I found out he was devorced from the mom and had remarried. I told her that and she seemed happy about her mom being gone from her dad. I kept looking and found him at Enid, Oklahoma. He lived about 100 miles from her. I called him and ask him if he had a daughter and told him her name. He said yes. He said we have been looking for her for over 20 years. He said do you know how to reach her. I said yes. He said can I have her number. I said I will have to tell her I found you first and tell her you want to see her. I will talk to her tomorrow and call you back. He began to cry and begged me not to hang up the phone. Please I beg you don't hang up please, please,please he cried. I will always remember his sincerity. I talked to him for a while longer and promised to call him the next day with her number. Hoping she would say let him have the number. I told her he had a new wife and she had a half brother and that her dad cried and begged for me not to hang up. I told her I know he loves you very much. She finally said go ahead and give him her number.
They got together and shortly after they got together. He was a building contractor and had lots of money. He could see she was struggling on her small salary and no Husband and six kids. So he bought her a new Dodge truck. She had some roof damage and he re roofed her house. So everything worked out between him and her and he loved his new found Grandchildren. I was proud of myself in that little adventure. A week or so after them getting together. He sent me a Hallmark Card saying. Thanks for giving me the greatest gift I could ever receive, 'my Daughter. Is this a great thing I did. Randy Fox 

Back in the 1960’s when I was in my 20's. I had bought a dog from a man in Oklahoma city. This dog was white with a black patch over on side of his face. We matched him in to Dick Harp and won. Shortly after the match Homer Sams came to my house. He knocked on the door and ask me to come outside. I follow him outside it was cold and I had on no shirt or shoes. He began to explain that the dog we had fought into Dick Harp was his dog. I said If you will meet me in Oklahoma city at the mans house I got him from. We will talk it over with him and get his side of the story and if he agrees and gives my money back you can have the dog. He took off his glasses and set them on the roof of his car. He said this is going to end right here and not at someone else’s house. He said he was taking the dog now. He then took a swing at me and missed. He was a short stocky man with lots of punch. He was putting knots on my head as I drove my body forward getting inside his punching power. I got a hold of his head and tried to get him in a neck lock his ear went past my mouth and I grabbed his ear with my teeth. He screamed in pain as I shook his ear with my teeth as hard as I could. He tried to walk backwards and fell over a roll of wired I had beside the drive. It jerked the ear from my mouth. I could see it dangling. He was on his back and I was over him hitting him.

My wife came out of the house with a gun and said stop fighting in my yard with my baby inside asleep. She ordered me to stop hitting him. I told her I was starting to win and please go away. She got even madder and I thought she was going to shoot me. So I stopped. He jump up and started walking toward her threatening her and she told him to come on she would blow his head off. I saw fear hit him when he realized she wasn't playing and he picked up his glasses and got in the car and drove away.

                    Several months after that I went to some dogfights outside Lawton, Oklahoma. A man named Alvin Kephardt was putting on some dogfights. The last fight was going on. I went to my pickup to Pee. I opened the door and peed and turned around when something hit me and knocked me down. This person begin to kick me in the head and stomp me. My brother and brother in law came out of the building and started for him. He jumped in a car and begin to drive off . I was up and got my gun out from under the seat and shot four times at him as he drove away. I don't guess I hit him but I bet I hit his car. Alvin Kephardt came over and said stop shooting. The sheriff was inside visiting his mother. I’m not sure if that was true but I stopped shooting and got in the truck and left but I never did catch up with him. I heard later he had hired someone to kill me that day but if he did it didn't work.

Several years after this ordeal. Don Maloney got shot and died. Even though he and I had fought and I kicked his butt. I still liked him and his family. So I went to his funeral. I went inside and set down. After I set there quite a while. I turned and there Homer Sams was setting right beside me. I turned and stared right at his ear. Someone said he had gotten it fixed. I looked at it hard and could see they didn't do a real good job of it. It was attached a little crooked. Homer turned and said to me. Maloney was the most arrogant man he had ever met. I thought that was strange to say at a mans funeral. Anyway, Homer talked to me quite a bit and didn't seem to still be mad at me. Like I said. I was a little crazy and wild till I got 40.