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This is about 'Pedigrees Online and Cyberbully AKA Skell Hunter.

 Now this bunch has moved to the Carver board after being run off from Pedigrees online.

The following is my opinion about this service. Some people criticize me for this topic and what I say. But real pitbull people do not. If you listen to what I have to say. You will be much safer and happier. Pedigrees online isn't some kind of Godly place you have to have. It is a corrupt business with lots of subscribers. Some are good people plus they have some strange followers that can't be trustworthy.


                                     I have downloaded lots of proof off of Pedigrees online to prove what I am telling on this page and have it tucked away in a secure vault at my Bank.


                        I compare Online pedigrees Web to a web we will call 'Bank Robber guidelines.'. It has several forums. Get away Cars and Drivers, Safe Cracking experts, Getting Romantic with a Teller, Proper arms and Bullets, Planning and Blueprints, Famous Old-time Bank Robbers. Kidnapping Bank Employees and Bank President's. All you readers give that some thought.


                                  Several years ago I purchased the use of Pedigrees online. Many of my old friends call it Feds online. This is an underground pit-bull pedigree service. I didn't have it for a few years. They have these forums, Classified, General, Keeps or Conditioning, Significant dogs and History of Strains and Bloodlines. Breeding and Health and disease. I'm not revealing anything about this place that can't be found on the web like some people have said about me. I purchased it last year in 2012. Someone told me they heard they had cleaned up the place. Well, that is a Joke in my opinion. This go around I met a few pretty nice people and talked to some people I had known from before. They still had the service. They told me this was going to be their last time to purchase it and I can understand why. I was working on a book and thought it may be a good place to post asking for info. Boy that was a mistake. I got very little help for the book.


There was one Man, Boy or Woman if you may. In that hidden world no one knows who they are talking to for sure. This Human interfered by making remarks about everything I posted. It's call name Is Cyberbully. Cyberbully thinks it's job is to get on the general forum and insult, Criticize and brand anyone it can with it's verbal insults. It thinks it is an authority on every topic. One of the Men on pedigrees online said Cyberbully is after you Mr. Fox because you are like a prize deer with a trophy rack. He thinks by insulting you he climbs up the ladder of stardom. What a lowlife it is. Cyberbully also is undercover with several other call names beside Cyberbully. I believe He has the privilege of reading all your private messages and he can change the wording of anything you write. So be careful who you confide in and what you write. It might be Cyberbully you're dealing with. It uses every vulgar phrase it could think of. Cyberbully made vulgar remarks and threats about rapeing people's Children, wives and mothers. In my 70 years I have never been insulted like this lowlife does or heard that sort of profanity. I said some of the four letter bad words when I was young man but grew out of that phase. I never have used God's name in vain as the bible warned me not to. There is a well known web that said the following. 'Imagine the words you speak appeared on your skin and stay permanently written there forever''. Would you be more careful about what you say? I doubt if this would bother this lowlife. I do wish these words and threats would appear and stay like a tattoo on his skin forever. So everyone could see what he really is. This Lowlife stated it does not believe in God. I'm far from perfect but some of these guys on that web are way out there. Some of them are another set of low lifes that have entered the Pit-bull kingdom. I have never seen anything like this before. Lots of them are followers that have a low intelligence level. Cyberbully brags it has a Ninth grade education but now has a GED. Cyberbully has some smarts but isn't overloaded in intelligence. I know he has no moral values. This Low Life leads me to believe it comes from a person that is knee deep in felony type activities. I think that Cyberbully has no life other than the Pedigrees online web. He is there 24-7. This Low Life seems to have been brought up in a weird environment. It could be the law in disguise. Saying all this threatening stuff to throw you off guard.. Cyberbully accuses anyone it can of being a Narc ,Snitch, or a Rat. I think it does this to make the onlookers think it is a straight up dogman. There are usually two reasons for this type approach. The first is to hide your guilt and the second is to gain confidence from the onlookers so they will confide in you. Officers use the second approach. Felons use the first approach. Anyway it is a true Cyberbully with it's identity hidden and it's agenda hidden. So my advise to all you readers. Stay away from that service. Never talk back if Cyberbully criticises you. Just go to another forum or leave. I made the mistake of trying to take up for myself. That ups it's violent and Vulgar criticism of me. Them Dumb and Dumber got in there and help him nail me. Cyberbully has the run of the place. Cyberbully can do anything it pleases but you can't. It might be a part owner. It might have an Ok from a judge to talk anyway it sees necessary. That will let it work on undercover projects. I heard from someone Cyberbully has been talked to by someone at Online Pedigrees and has changed his call name to Skell Hunter. He is not being nicer. He called a fellow from a number.  The fellow gave me the number.  So I called the number the next day. It had been disconnected. That was a good idea when he dropped the number. He will mess up someday and get caught. Someone called the other day and said he was just as bad and vulgar while using this new name.  I am having trouble believing that he hasn't been arrested. Beware and Be safe away from that place. Whatever they are. It is not safe to be rubbing shoulders with these strange nameless weird folks without faces. Pedigrees online is guilty as he is for letting him run free on that place. Several have written Pedigrees Online but everyone says it didn't help. They did nothing to correct the situation. I'm hoping that a lawsuit is filed someday against that vulgar person and pedigrees online. I'd be happy to join in and be a part of the lawsuit. It is like the customer is always wrong. This place adds to the Bad reputation of pit bulls. The majority of the people throughout the world have been brainwashed to think bad about Pitbulls. Personally I do not think Pedigrees Online has true or good pedigrees. I believe most of them are wrong.  I'm glad I'm old and do not have to see this vulgar progression.


'I'd like to thank this man personally. Randy Fox'


Below is a letter from a man who did a good thing by getting Skell Hunter, AKA Cyberbully removed from Pedigrees online. I am shocked that Pedigrees online had the balls to finally join in and help clean up this mess by running him off .


 I  had the pleasure of meeting up on peds online with this bum of a human being. I was insulted my picture posted a fake hsus post about me but i plugged away at scumhumper for 8 days 4 hrs and 2 minutes! Thus the board named me Gr.Ch.Johnny boy! I just wanted you to know I fixed his ass and he got kicked off peds online. I am the guy in N.J. who knows Craig, I fought the Skell and won not just for myself but for you who I respect along with every other victim he has harrassed and tried to smear in the mud. Skellhunter is dead! Respectfully yours John of Death Before Dishonor knls.

This is about the Carver Board!!!

On the Carver Board the same man that was run off of Pedigrees online is still insulting me and my dogs with his post. He has two different IP names on the Carver board but he is the same guy. One post he calls himself Redboy and the other post he calls himself Bulldog. Redboy pretends to talk back and forth with Bulldog.  He bad mouths me and my Pitbulls. He absolutely knows nothing about me or my dogs. He is a mental reject that thinks he has to do nothing but run people down to climb the ladder of fame. A man in Oklahoma tried to get him to meet him so he could straighten him out but he didn't show up. His phone was out of Washington state the man in Oklahoma gave me the number and it was disconnected. Now the man on the Carver board says he is from the west coast. He lets me know he is still messing with me. If he really has something to say to me he should show up here at my home. But the little punk won't because he is a mouthpiece not a human with dignity and pride. My Granddaughter told me not to let it get to me that there are lots of that type people on the web. She says with me saying things back to them it makes it worst. Oh well I am old and seem to be an easy target. Little does he know!!!!!!!!


                             California Jack's pedigree service and Virtual Pedigrees is a much better service. Both are on my Links. So if you like peace and respect. Try one of them. California Jack keeps the criticism and craziness off his web and it is a wonderful service. Virtual Pedigrees is free and is only a pedigree service without any of the other social forums. Guess what readers. I've had many letters about the testimony I give about Pedigrees online. Not everyone but most of the letters tell me they like what I say and have the same opinion about Pedigrees Online. Good Luck and play

nice. Randy Fox