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Robert L. Neblett Page 24

This is some of the dogs I have today.
The pups are eating good at four weeks you may come get them or wait until they are 6 weeks.
Some Laws & theories about dogfighting.
Some of the dogs I fought 1960's 70' 80's History #2 & dogs fought out of my dogs.
Many New Arrest. These dogfighters families suffer more than any dogs when arrested.
Some top Bred Patterdale Terriers.
Weldon Stockton's Page Also Bennett Clayton.
(Joseph) Joe Corvino & Floyd Merriman story
Some History J. Williams, B. De Cordova & More & Light'in Billy.. #3
Some Pitbull history # 4
Earl Tudor PAGE #6
John P. Colby, Family and dogs. Page # 7
Some old timers- George C. Armitage-Al Brown-George Saddler Page # 8
Lonzo Pratt and some Zebo talk.
Don Mayfield and some dogs he owned & some he Borrowed Page # 10
Floyd Boudreaux one of the Best dogmen of my era. Page # 11
More Floyd Boudreaux Bullyson,Eli Jr. ,Zebo comparison. Page12
Danny Burton Page 13
Walter Komosinski Page14
Bert Clouse Page 15
Howard Heinzl page 16
Ralph Greenwood Page 17
Clyde Mason page 18
Bobby Hall Page 19
Maurice Carver Page 20
Lots of top dog men. A1
Lots of top dogmen A2
Lots of top dogmen A3
Rick Halliburton and Marty Reed & Dick Harp. Page 21
Donald Lee Maloney Page 22
Gary J. Hammonds page 23
Robert L. Neblett Page 24
Cecil Collins & stories about A.B. Forsythe. Page 25
Oklahoma dogmen in the early days page 26
George Gilman Page 27
William J. Lightner Page and Norman Hooten with Butcherboy. 28.
Clemmons & Elliott page 29
Wolves Attack Pitbulls on chains in Yugoslavia. See what happened
Building a Breeding Stand and a forever Swivel. Trahan Gaboons dogfighting rules.
Some old Pedigrees
Some friends I've met through my Pitbull Era and my family.
Why do pitbulls all have a different level of gameness?
Why do people fight dogs.
What I think about Pedigrees online.
Unjust facts about pitbulls and dogfighters.
Politics and a USDA & Health Department Warning.
Some of the dogs I liked from the 60's-70's and 80's
My Friends from other Countries..
Interesting History Concerning children and Pitbulls
Some More Pitbull Trivia and old pitbull photos with famous people

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I took this pic of Bob Neblett in the early 1960's
People have stolen this pic and put it all over the web.

Bob Neb;ett and Gr. Ch. Bucky McCoy

Gr Ch Bucky McCoy's Pedigree

Neblett's Braddock Jr.

name: Robert Lee Neblett
event: Burial
event date: 1980
event place: Neosho, Newton, Missouri, United States
cemetery: Neosho IOOF Cemetery
birth date: 09 Nov 1895
marriage date:
death date: 04 Jun 1980
maiden name:
cemetery latitude: 36.855513
cemetery longitude: -94.355969
billion graves image id: 879929
billion graves created timestamp: 2012-04-02 02:24:05

name: Robert Lee Neblett
event: Draft Registration
registration date year range: 1917-1918
event place: Weakley County, Tennessee, United States
gender: Male
birth date: 09 Nov 1895
birthplace: Martin, Tennessee, United States
country of citizenship: United States
nara publication title: World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards
nara publication number: M1509
film number: 1877748
digital folder number: 005152501
image number: 02479

first name: Robert
middle name: Lee
last name: Neblett
name suffix:
birth date: 9 November 1895
social security number: 363-05-7163
place of issuance: Michigan
last residence: Neosho, Newton, Missouri
zip code of last residence:   64850
death date: June 4,1980
estimated age at death: 85

name: Robert Lee Neblett
event: Draft Registration
event date: 1942
event place: Troy, Oakland, Michigan
gender: Male
birth date: 09 Nov 1895
nara publication title: World War II Draft Cards (4th Registration) for the State of Michigan
nara publication number:
arc identifier: 623283
film number: 1708603
digital folder number: 004673188
image number: 02863

A beautiful Tombstone for two nice people.

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