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(Joseph) Joe Corvino & Floyd Merriman story
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Joe Corvino

Two good dogmen Joe Corvino and Sonny sykes

Joe Corvino a machinist by trade in 1930.

Corvino's Braddock


Joseph Corvino, "United States Social Security Death Index"

Given Name: Joseph
Middle Name:
Surname: Corvino
Name Suffix:
Birth Date: 30 June 1890
Social Security Number: 353-28-7362
State: Illinois
Last Place of Residence:
Previous Residence Postal Code:
Event Date: 1 March 1963
Age: 73

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Joseph Corvino, "United States Census, 1940"

Name: Joseph Corvino
Titles & Terms:
Event: Census
Event Year: 1940
Event Place: Ward 20, Chicago, Chicago City, Cook, Illinois, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 49
Marital Status: Married
Race (Original):
Race (Standardized): White
Relationship to Head of Household (Original):
Relationship to Head of Household (Standardized): Head
Birthplace: Illinois
Estimated Birth Year: 1890
Residence in 1935: Same House
Enumeration District Number: 103-1321
Family Number: 98
Sheet Number and Letter: 6A
Line Number: 36
NARA Publication Number: T627
NARA Roll Number: 961
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Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Joseph Corvino M 49 Illinois
Wife Elsie Corvino F 45 Italy
Daughter Anna Corvino F 24 Illinois
Son Anthony Corvino M 22 Illinois
Daughter Mary Corvino F 19 Illinois
Daughter Dora Corvino F 17 Illinois
Son George Corvino M 15 Illinois
Son Jack Corvino M 11 Illinois
Son Joseph Corvino M 9 Illinois
Daughter Jeanette Corvino F 7 Illinois
Daughter Clarise Corvino F 4 Illinois
Daughter Claudet Corvino F 4 Illinois
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"United States Census, 1940

Joe Corvino, "United States, World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942"

Name: Joe Corvino
Event Type: Draft Registration
Event Date: 1942
Event Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 30 Jun 1890
Affiliate Publication Title: World War II Draft Cards (4th Registration) for the State of Illinois
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"United States, World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942,

Floyd Merriman old dogfighting Prisoner of war.

Floyd Merriman was a good friend of Earl Tudors. He was a tough guy and like to fight.  J.E. King owned the Nigger dog for a while became a friend of Merriman's. Before their friendship him and J.E. King got in a fight. Merriman could hold J.E. to the ground and hit him over and over. Merriman had knocked out lots of guys but could knock out J.E. King. Merriman Got an extension cord and tied J. E. King up with it. He put him in the back of his pickup. He drove to J.E.'s home and backed into the driveway and dumped him out and left. He did this because he couldn't knock J.E. out and didn't seem to hurt J.E. He kept getting up and hitting Merriman. So subduing him with the cord stopped the problem.
Someone at the dogfights was complain how rough things were. Merriman said you haven't had it rough till you have had to drop to you knees and get a drink out of a water buffalo track and get back up before the enemy stabs you with a bayonet.


 Floyd W. (Slug) Merriman

went into the U.S. Army on Feb. 13, 1941,

from Victoria, TX. He was in the 60 Coast

Artillery Company M Battery. He went

directly to the Philippine Islands. He was

there until December 7, 1941 happened.

In early 1942 he went to Bataan. When

Bataan fell, he, with others, swam to

Corregidor. There he was taken prisoner

by Japan when Corregidor fell.

I know he was interned at Bilibid and

Cabanatuan prisons. Perhaps there were

other places also before his being sent to


The picture I am enclosing was taken at

the last camp he was in in Japan. He

found the picture there when they were


Floyd was taken from them on January

6, 1977. He passed away from service

connected disabilities. Floyd is buried in

Highland Cemetery, Iowa Park, TX.