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This is some of the dogs I have today.
The pups are eating good at four weeks you may come get them or wait until they are 6 weeks.
Some Laws & theories about dogfighting.
Some of the dogs I fought 1960's 70' 80's History #2 & dogs fought out of my dogs.
Many New Arrest. These dogfighters families suffer more than any dogs when arrested.
Some top Bred Patterdale Terriers.
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Some old timers- George C. Armitage-Al Brown-George Saddler Page # 8
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Some old Pedigrees
Some friends I've met through my Pitbull Era and my family.
Why do pitbulls all have a different level of gameness?
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George C. Armitage
He was a Plumber like I was. He wrote a book and won many dogfights.

Clark and Clark's Tramp AKA Armitage's Kager.
Below Gr Ch. Armitage's Kager's AKA Clarks Tramp Pedigree.

Above- George C. Armitage was a famous dogman from the early days. He was a top dog-fighter in his era. He was born in Kensington, Pa. in 1882 and died June 30, 1959. He is Buried in Kocher Cemetery ,Ruggles,(Laketon), Luzerne Co. Pa.. George's wife was Dorothy E. Armatage and she was born 1886. he had a son named George C. Armatage Jr. His second son was Thomas Terry Armitage. He was born April 15,1908 and died in 1986. His third son was Albert L. Armitage and his daughter was Dorothy E Armitage  snf then Lewis F. Armitage then Louise  M. Armitage. Then Henry J. Armitage. George had several grandchildren also.  George was a Master Plumber and gas fitter like myself. I saw an old ad from an early newspaper at the Historical society from the early 1900's where George was doing some real big major jobs on some hugh tall buildings in Pennsylvania. When he was young man he worked in the oilfield.

Below is Al Brown. His Great Grandson Matthew Brown sent me lots of this info. Lots of people have stolen Al browns photos and put it on their webs. 


Al Brown. He is much older in this photo.
Al Brown and one of his dogs.

Al Brown & 9XW Tacoma Jack.

The famous Al Brown's Tacoma Jack

Interview with Al Brown
When traveling in the Southwest part of the country, I never fail to
stop and visit with one of the great dog men of all times, Al Brown.
Although you could consider him an "old timer" in the dog game, he is
very much "up to date" on todays dogs and their bloodlines. When I
visited with him last, I asked him if he would consent to my doing an
article for the magazine. He told me that he had always side-stepped
that kind of thing because other articles of that kind he had read in
other magazines always seemed to be a sort of "cheap" advertisement for
the man it was written about. He did consent, but with one promise on
my part. That I emphasize that he had no dogs for sale and hadn't had
for some time. He keeps some for his own pleasure and that's all. I
assured him that it would be done that way. I would now like to relate
to you the conversation we had.
I started by asking Al where he was born and raised? He told me that he
was born in Joplin, Missouri where he first got interested in the Pit
Bull. Al said, "I have always worshipped gameness, whether it was in
the dogs, a running horse, boxers, chickens, or fighting bulls. There
were quite a lot of rumors around about fighting dogs, in Missouri when
I was a young boy. I never knew what they meant, but I would go
sneaking around trying to find out about it. When I was seven years
old, a guy had imported a bitch in whelp from Ireland, and she had all
bitches. He gave me a pup and I took it from there. That's why I always
liked the little dogs."
He then moved to Texas where he spent his growing up years. When he got
out of high school, he took off for Providence, Rhode Island because
that was supposedly the hot bed of the dog world at that time. He then
went to Kansas and joined the marines and went through World War I,
returned to Texas, and after he was married, moved to California in
around 1924. He lived in Modesto for 15 years and was totally involved
with the dogs until his health went bad and he then moved to Phoenix.
I then went on to ask about the most unforgettable dog he ever had. Al
told me, "I guess most everybody would say my 'Tacoma Jack' but I'd
have to go along with my old 'Jack Dempsey' dog. He was out of a
Dunable bitch that was half Irish import, and sired by the old original
'Black Jack'. you see, I had that 'Black Jack' family line cornered and
had practically all of them of any worth. I thought they were the
greatest family of dogs that ever lived. I had 'Black Jack Jr.' at the
time of his death and had had him for nine or ten years. I had Tudor's
old 'Jack II' and a whole bunch of them well known 'Black Jack' dogs.
My 'Tacoma Jack' was a wonderful individual. Possibly the best built
dog I ever had & because he was so destructful, a lot of people claimed
he was a cur, but I know he was a game dog. He was an almost physical
impossibility to breed to, so I never carried on his line much. I was
pushing the 'Black Jack' dogs anyway, and then when the 'Black Jack'
dogs' teeth went all to hell from some fault he threw in his pups, I
then started using 'Tacoma Jack' sparingly trying to revive the line. I
lost that family of dogs when I had bad luck with my health and moved
over here to Phoenix."
I then brought up the subject of "Dibo" & "Arizone Pete", and I asked
Al his impression of the two dogs. Al told me, "Now 'Dibo' was a rough
dog, not too well built, but 'Arizona Pete' could have graced any dog
show ring around. He was a lot in color like the 'Jimmy Boots' dog, but
with more of a head shape as our old 'Tinker' dog. 'Arizona Pete' was
never used much for stud, not that he wouldn't have been good, but for
the main reason that none of my dogs are ever used for stud much. He
was one of the gamest dogs around. He was one dog that nobody could
ruin. You could take him out and roll him on a full belly, against any
weight dog and you knew he would never stop. A little incident happened
one day after the dog men had been together. Hager owned a big, rough,
half-brother to 'Pete' that was five pounds bigger. We put the two
together for a short time and after they had been taken apart and
doctored, the gab fest began. One guy made the remark, 'Isn't it too
bad that Arizona Pete as game as he is can't bite?' At that, Hager
reared up on his hind legs and said, 'What do you mean he can't bite? I
put medicine between Ace's shoulders and it run out between his toes.'
"Dibo proved to be one hell of a stud dog, but 'Pete' I have no doubt
in my mind would have been just as good a producer except for the fact
that he just wasn't used like 'Dibo' was." I asked Al what he thought
was the reason for the success behind those dogs being such good
producers. He replied, "For many generations, clear back to the dog
'Turk' they were the strongest male line I ever saw. You could breed
them to some other line and they'd go on down to the next generation
and produce just as good as the ones before. 'Ch Spider', the son of
'Turk' went on down and produced the 'Smokey' dog, and I believe there
was never a gamer, better producing dog than 'Smokey'. Then my 'Brindle
Spike' was from him. I sold Ed Ritcheson his 'Spike' dog which came
from 'Brindle Spike'. they bred him to 'Spotty', a bitch which was bred
heavy in the same blood through dogs that Wiz Hubbard had gotten from
Joe Corvino and they were very surprised when those dogs nicked. I
wasn't, because the mother of 'Spike' was my old 'Scratch' bitch and
she was probably carrying more of the close breeding of that family
than any dog living. The breeding of the 'Spike' dog to the 'Spotty'
dog produced two litters. 'Bambi' was out of the second litter. The
first litter had 'Lark', a dog named 'Buck', and a number of others,
and all of them would have been famous if they'd been in the right
hands. They were some of the best dogs ever bred in the west. Out of
the litter that 'Dibo' and 'Arizona Pete' belonged to, I had two
bitches. One of them was 'Pinto Peg' and the other was 'Boo Boo', who
later became known as 'Langham's Lil'. She was possibly the best
fighting dog of that litter. I couldn't keep her because if I left her
sight, she'd start 'Boo-Hooing' and raising hell. The cops got on me
and I gave her to Ed Ritcheson. He and Heinzl sold her to Langham. She
was later stolen, and rumor had it that she got killed by a car and
never produced a pup."
To sum things up, I asked Al if there was any particular dog man that
he learned from or admired. Al said, "Yes, but he's a man that nobody
has ever heard of. He was from the old country of Ireland, and was a
big land owner in Texas. A man by the name of Mauldin. There were two
brothers, 'Joe' and 'Ben'. Now Joe, he was a killer...a killer of pints
and quarts...but Ben was the dog and chicken man and he taught me so
much. He tried to teach me the crooked route, but I told him that I
didn't want to know it and I didn't want to be a dog man if I had to go
that route. He replied, 'You should know it even if it's just to
protect yourself.' There are other outstanding men that I knew and
admired. Pete Donovan was a pup seller and all that, but a good dog man
that I always admired. I've met so many good friends in the dogs, and
then I've met so many heels. I think this dog stealing has soured me
more than anything else. I just hate a thief."
Al was asked recently why he was not still active with the dogs. He
told the man, "Do you think that when you're 85 and 90% blind, and so
weak that you can hardly get out to feed the few dogs you have, and
don't have brains enough to get out of them, that you'll be messing
around actively too?"
"I always really enjoyed the part of the business of Piting my talents
of handling against another dog man, but raising and selling pups and
getting money for a stud fee never interested me much. Thirty years
ago, I said that when the time comes that I can't do the actual
handling, I'll stop being active. I was always a pretty good picker of
my own dogs and knowing which ones to use, and the percentage of wins
came with it. Remember my old cliche: 'The good ones are where you find
'em', and when youbreed two of them together, no matter how they look
on paper, 'It's all in the laps of the gods."


I'm not sure if th is is correct. I'm waiting on Al Brown's Great Grandson 'Matthew Brown' to varify this. He is the one that sent me these pictures and articles about Al Brown.
first name: Allan
middle name:
last name: Brown
name suffix:
birth date: 27 March 1897
social security number: 549-05-4965
place of issuance: California
last residence: Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
zip code of last residence: 85040
death date: February 25 1983
estimated age at death: 86

Al brown and Tacoma Jack




George Saddler a very good dogman.
One of the best conditioners of his day.

First Name: George
Middle Name:
Last Name: Saddler
Name Suffix:
Birth Date: 11 May 1899
Social Security Number: 427-10-2928
Place of Issuance: Mississippi
Last Residence: Bolivar, Mississippi
Zip Code of Last Residence: 38732
Death Date: December 1969
Estimated Age at Death: 70

Birth: May 14, 1899
Death: Dec. 25, 1969

Double marker with Mildred B. Saddler
George Saddler
New Cleveland Cemetery
Cleveland (Bolivar County)
Bolivar County
Mississippi, USA



Saddler $ Bozo. Saddler had a very kind face.
Saddler's 6XW Bozo