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This is some of the dogs I have today.
The pups are eating good at four weeks you may come get them or wait until they are 6 weeks.
Some Laws & theories about dogfighting.
Some of the dogs I fought 1960's 70' 80's History #2 & dogs fought out of my dogs.
Many New Arrest. These dogfighters families suffer more than any dogs when arrested.
Some top Bred Patterdale Terriers.
Weldon Stockton's Page Also Bennett Clayton.
(Joseph) Joe Corvino & Floyd Merriman story
Some History J. Williams, B. De Cordova & More & Light'in Billy.. #3
Some Pitbull history # 4
Earl Tudor PAGE #6
John P. Colby, Family and dogs. Page # 7
Some old timers- George C. Armitage-Al Brown-George Saddler Page # 8
Lonzo Pratt and some Zebo talk.
Don Mayfield and some dogs he owned & some he Borrowed Page # 10
Floyd Boudreaux one of the Best dogmen of my era. Page # 11
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Rick Halliburton and Marty Reed & Dick Harp. Page 21
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Cecil Collins & stories about A.B. Forsythe. Page 25
Oklahoma dogmen in the early days page 26
George Gilman Page 27
William J. Lightner Page and Norman Hooten with Butcherboy. 28.
Clemmons & Elliott page 29
Wolves Attack Pitbulls on chains in Yugoslavia. See what happened
Building a Breeding Stand and a forever Swivel. Trahan Gaboons dogfighting rules.
Some old Pedigrees
Some friends I've met through my Pitbull Era and my family.
Why do pitbulls all have a different level of gameness?
Why do people fight dogs.
What I think about Pedigrees online.
Unjust facts about pitbulls and dogfighters.
Politics and a USDA & Health Department Warning.
Some of the dogs I liked from the 60's-70's and 80's
My Friends from other Countries..
Interesting History Concerning children and Pitbulls
Some More Pitbull Trivia and old pitbull photos with famous people

Oklahoma dogmen from the1960's and 1970's & 1980's. None of these men fight dogs this day and time. All of them have either died or quit fighting dogs when the felony laws were passed.

Alvin & Randy Fox in the early 1970's.

This is Randy Fox as an old man.

James Kelley, One of my Best friends.

James died this year in November 2016. He and I had been friends for close to 50 years. I already miss him.

James Thomas “JT” Kelley was born on September 2, 1928 to Walter and Catherine Kelley in Pawnee, Oklahoma, the last of five children. He served his country in the US Air Force and was a veteran of the Korean War. JT taught and coached basketball at the high school in Billings, Oklahoma, winning the State Men’s Championship in 1965. His family moved to Moore, Oklahoma in 1966 and he taught and coached there until retiring in 1985. JT was a home builder and developer in Moore. His true passion was training and racing his quarter horses. JT was preceded in death by his wife Patsy and his sons Mike and Tyke Kelley and daughter Mickey Murphy. He is survived by his daughters Patty Fleet (Alan) and Peggy Hansen (RJay) and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Visitation will be held Wednesday, November 23, 2016 from 5pm to 7pm. Funeral services will be held Friday, November 25, 2016 at 10am at the Chapel of Moore Funeral & Cremation. Interment will follow at 3pm at Fairfax Cemetery, Fairfax, Oklahoma. James was smart about pitbulls and owned some good ones.


Tudor's Goldy

Bill Decordova
One of the nicest men who won lots of dogfights in his day.

Frank Carver and a daughter to Fox's Rusty & Suzie
My friend Frank whipped a bitch out of Moloney's Toot with this female.

Frank Carver and I have been friends 51 years.

J im Williams
One of the all time great dogmen of my era.

Charley Adkisson and the famous De cordovas Bat.

Ronnie Anderson, left & Tommy Sherwood rt.
Two top dogmen of my era with Red Baron.

Ronnie Anderson and Baron.

Bill Carr with Carr's Maud.
Maud was off Uselton's Solomon & Uselton's Texas Star.

Gene Matson
One of the dogmen of my era wiht his Fred-T. A top dog from my era..

Larry Warren a good dogman of my era.
With Ch. Cleo. Larry was an oniary rascal but was a friend to Charley Adkisson and myself..

Bobby Smith lived in Oklahoma city for years.
This is the famous Corvino dog. Boots the Blacksmith.

Bobby Smith & Sons
Bobby and his family lived here in Oklahoma for a long time.

Mike & James Kelley & Jerry Johnston
There little winning daughter of Alvin.

Jerry Johnstons 4XW 'Million' (Alvin's Grandson).
Jerry Johnston's picture just above this photo on the right.

James Kelly, Middle Mike Kelly & his son Tyler.

Mike Kelley

KELLEY Michael Joe, 44. Prayer Vigil will be 7 p.m., Monday, Jan. 19, 1998 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m., Tuesday, Jan. 20, 1998 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Hennessey, with Rev. Mark Mason officiating. Burial will be 1 p.m. at Fairfax Cemetery, Fairfax, Ok. with Rev. Ken Lewis officiating and directed by Cordry-Sisson Funeral Home, Hennessey. Mike was born Feb. 17, 1953 in Tooele, Utah to James Thomas & Patsy Jo Gilbert Kelley and died Friday, Jan. 16, 1998 at St. Mary's Mercy Hospital, Enid. He attended Moore High School and graduated from Sedan, Kansas High School. He attended El Dorado Jr. College. He married Kay Lynn McVicker on July 9, 1996, in Enid. He was a member of the Osage Indian Tribe and worked for the state of Okla. Dept. of Human Services for 17 years. He recently worked as a truck driver for Barry Smith Transport, Inc. He is survived by his wife, Kay, of the home; 1 son Tyler Kelley; 1 daughter, Amber Kelley both of Moore, Ok; his parents, James & Pat Kelley of Moore; 3 sisters, Patty Lewis, Peggy Hansen, Mickey Murphy, all of Moore; and maternal grandparents, Charles & Hattie Goad of Burbank, Ok.; and a host of aunts, uncles, and many friends. He was preceded in death by 1 brother, Thomas (Tyke) Kelley and paternal grandparents. BIOG: NAME: UPD:

Years ago Mike Kelly, Jerry Johnston and a couple of more guys and I were on our way back from a dogfight. Mike and Jerry Got drunk. Jerry started  driving on the wrong side of the road at a high rate of speed. I was in the back seat and reached over his shoulder and turned of the ignition and took the keys. The car coated over to the side of the road. I told Jerry if he would make up his mind to drive safely. I'd give him his keys back. He set there and was 'Mad' a long time. Then he said he'd do what I said. He got the car back on the interstate and wouldn't drive over 25 miles per hour just to spite me. A highway Patrolman started following us and stayed on our bumper for about 2 miles. We were afraid we might be in trouble. Mike had handled a dog and had blood all over his clothes. They took us out one at a time. When it came my turn. They said where have you been? I said here and there. He ask me what have you been doing? I said this and that. He saw right away that I wasn't talking and made me go set under a tree a little ways from the road. They arrested Jerry for a DUI. Mike said he told them we had been to the chicken fights which were legal at the time. He told them he had handled some of the cocks. They bought it. They walked up to me and I had as much to drink as jerry. I can sometimes hide it real good and seem sober. They told me they were arresting Jerry and handed me his keys and said you drive them home but do not let anyone else behind the wheel. I agreed. It was a bad situation but it worked out and Jerry was out the next day.


Hale's Oklahoma a son to Alvin & Bonnie
This little guy won two long fights one went almost 2 hours and one went 2 hours.

The Late Mike Peeler (right) famous pitdog man.
Mike was also famous for his American Bulldogs. People had them worldwide for hogdogs.

Jick & a 2 time winning son to Alvin called Weasel
Jick Belveal Of Supulpa,Oklahoma.

Hale, Gary Leland “Scaley”, age 68, retired glazer, died Jan. 8, 2013. Services were held Jan. 12 at the Bowring Calvary Community Church directed by Stumpff Funeral Home & Crematory in Bartlesville, Ok.

I need Pictures of Gary Hale,David Eubanks. Roger scott. Jerry Johnston.  Frosty Barret. Plus their dogs.

There were many stories about this dog in this painting. He is 'Warren's One Eye'. Some say he was half english bull some say he was found at a pound some say he was found walking down the street. He was a four or five time winner. He whipped some of the best dogs around. He stopped a dog called Nirider in his tracks. Nirider took the count in the corner. Nirider was a son to Eli Jr. I saw that fight. Maloney bred to this dog and had a four time winner out of him. He named this four time winner something and sold him with a fake pedigree to someone. One eye was a great dog. He would eat a dogs mouth out. He loved thie mouth. Below is a painting of One Eye.

Warren's One Eye a 4-X winner.
He was a dog from the pound that no one knew how he was bred.

Gary Jones beat Danny Burton in a little over the two hour mark. He was a half brother to Alvin the dog. Ajax and Gary were both the real deal they made a great team..

Gary Jones and his winning Ajax dog.
Ajax was a half brother to Alvin, Gary lived in Okla. & fought dogs here . He later moved to Kansas.

This is another picture of the older Gary Jones.
Gary was a good dog man and a real gentleman. Everyone seem to like him.

All you guys and dolls need to know. Gary Jones was one fine dogman with lots of friends. I think he was one real good guy. I never ever heard a cross word from him. He had good manners and always kept some real good dogs. I will miss his kind words. Randy


Gary Lee Jones, 73 of Arkansas City died Friday, August 30, 2013 at the South Central Kansas Medical Center.

A come and go Celebration of Life for family and friends will be from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 1018 N. 7th St in Arkansas City. Cremation has been effected.

Gary was born July 28, 1940 to Theodore Leroy "Ted" Jones and Eva Lucille (Loyd) Jones in Newkirk, OK. He attended Arkansas City schools and graduated from Geuda Springs High School. Gary was a pipefitter and welder for Local #411 pipefitter's Union for over 30 years. He was an avid college football fan and pit bull lover. Gary was a loving father and grandfather. His happiness came in spending time with his children and grandchildren.

He is survived by his three daughters, Angela Logsdon and husband, Doug, Robyn Jones and TJ Martin all of Arkansas City, Kori Hornback and husband, Darren of Derby; sister, Karen Whitworth of Oklahoma City, OK; five grandchildren, Summer Jones Wait, Krystan Menz, Kyle Logsdon, Kyla Hornback and Dalton Hornback; five great grandchildren, Logan Jones, Memphis Wait, Addison Menz, Harper Menz and Channing Logsdon and niece, Shaye Whitworth.

Gary was preceded in death by his parents, and a nephew, Shawn Whitworth.

Hello Randy Fox,
My name is Steve Thompson and was good friends with Gary Jones. I met you a time or two but we never really talked.  Gary was the guy who introduced me to the world of the dogs.  I lived in El Dorado, Ks., same as Gary.  I had come by a pit bull from a black guy in Wichita and word got around to Gary and in the early 70's there weren't many of them in Kansas.  As you know, Gary was well thought of and had many friends who fought dogs and I was fortunate to meet a lot of good dog men early  on.  Gary was friends with Don Maloney and we stayed the night at his house one time.  It was before the fight at Elk City that got busted. .This was the first fight I attended and it stood out in my mind as a guy's first show is likely to do.  There are a couple of things I'm not 100% sure on.  I believe Gene Matson and the Freddy T dog fought and won as well as the Panama Red dog of Sherwoods.  Tommy was the promoter and when the first fight started I was watching and noticed a guy standing by the wall.  Even though I was a rank beginner I thought it strange that he never one time looked in the pit.  Only looked at the people.  I asked Gary if he knew the fellow and that he wasn't watching the dogs one bit.  Gary said he didn't know him and he'd go ask Sherwood.  Tommy didn't  know him either so he goes and asks him, who are you.  This was during the first fight and I am 100%  sure of this   The guy tells Tommy he is the sheriff but as long as he don't see no money change hands he's cool.  So tommy steps in the pit while the dogs are fighting and tells the crowd that the sheriff is here and as long as he don't see no gambling he will let the fights continue.  I'm pretty sure it was the Freddy T fight.   Then Sherwood fought the Panama Red dog knowing the sheriff was in attendance and all the betting was done on the sly.  I didn't think much of that Panama Red really.  I know he won but didn't look that impressive.  I think he won a couple more later on as I remember.  Anyway, Maloney was up last of the three fights and refused to go on with the fight as he had recently got that charge for fighting dogs and it wasn't settled.  So when Don wouldn't go, the sheriff called in the back up and that's when the bust took place.  They let us all drive out of there except for Matson, Sherwood and Maloney.  I also remember Mike Kelly was there as I talked with him briefly, (more on that later).  When we passed the Law and Maloney, they had his dog out looking at him and Don was telling them he just brought the dog so he could either sell him or was going to breed him,  I can't remember for sure which it was.  Anyway Gary and I hightailed back North and my first show was exciting to say the least. 
Back to the Mike Kelly conversation:  I had that dog I got in Wichita when I met Gary.  I wound up fighting this dog in the dead of winter and honestly, I didn't know jack about fighting dogs.  I had just met Gary and we hadn't really became close friends but I invited him to the fight.  Anyway this old dog I had wasn't very rough or punishing.  He was a game enough dog and they fought nigh on to two hours and Gary told me I ought to pick him up and I did...He died about 30 minutes later.  Now I loved that old dog like a guy is apt to do with his first combat dog and it just about broke my heart.  I got to thinking this fighting dogs might not be for me.  I'd look out the window and see his empty dog house and chain and feel like my heart was breaking all over again.  The two black guys I got him from knew I was some kind of tore up about it and Hillard ( the name of one of them) offered to give me his only male dog named Mac.  The other guy's name was Roosevelt and he was the one I bought the dog from.  I always liked Hillard.  He kept his family together, drove a cement truck and treated me well.  Rose was alcoholic and died of chronic alcoholism at age of 37.  Hillard and Rose told me if I would go to Oklahoma City with them,  we could find another dog for me to buy.  So we went and spent two days and nights in the part of the City where I never seen another white face.  But I never felt uncomfortable as long as I was with Hillard.  He was a big athletic man and cat quick with a big scar that ran from his hairline on the back of his neck across his jaw into his beard.  Every one we met seemed to have a lot of respect for Hillard.  Partially due to him being in the Airborne Rangers when he was in the Army.    Well sometime during that adventure, they took me by Mike Kelly's place as they seemed to know him.  We visited a little and looked at dogs, but I was looking for a big dog and he didn't have any for sale.  Well later that night we got hooked up with some guy who met us somewhere in the country.  He had a big brindle dog that had a huge head and a lot of his hair had been chewed off in a fight and I took an immediate liking to this big old dog and bought him for $200.  The dogs name was Boone  and I rolled the heck out of that dog and never did stop him.  I put him on a half Great Dane and half St. Bernard that looked like a Shetland Pony.  He thumped old Boone for a few minutes and then Boone got in his mouth cross ways across his bottom jaw and stayed there for 11 minutes locked down and wagging his tail with his beady eyes just a twinkling as he knew he had him when that big dog started howling and trying to find his way out of the barn. When they finally came loose, big dog took off and they couldn't drag him back into that barn.  He thought old Boone was the Devil and all he wanted was to go home.  Anyway, at the show in Elk City I saw Mike Kelly and spoke to him and asked him if he remembered me.  He looked at me and said no, I don't guess I do.  I told him I'd been at his house with those two black guys a week or two before.  He acted  kinda funny and left.  I didn't know that right after we were there, he got some dogs stolen.  I later really appreciated the fact he didn't go around telling people about his dogs being stolen, probably would not have been good for me.  Well the following weekend he went to Wichita and found one of his dogs at Hillard's house and the other at Roosevelt's.  He had the sheriff with him and he got those two dogs back.  Then he drove to El Dorado to Gary's house and told him what had happened and that I was with those two before the dogs got stolen.  Gary told Mike that he knew I wasn't involved in no dogs being stolen.  They just loaded up and came right to my house and looked at my yard.  I only had two bulldogs, a German Shepard  and a wolf in a pen in the back.  Well Mike told me what had happened and how Gary stood up for me and that was good enough for
 him.  Gary was around me every few days as we only lived about 5 minutes away and I was always asking him a million questions about dogs and he loaned me his Pit Report and Sporting Dog Journals to read.  He knew that that there hadn't been no new dogs in my yard and I wasn't part of those dogs being stole.  I don't think the guys from Wichita stole the directly.  I think they had someone in OK City steal them and then they got the dogs  from them, which makes them as guilty as the guy who actually took them.  Gary and Mike stayed a while and we visited and during our talking Mike was telling me about a dog he once owned that went crazy when it thundered and lightninged.  I told him  that the first bulldog I got from Roosevelt would do the same thing .  Then it dawned on me it was the same dog that they had stolen sometime before from Mike.  He was a dog that Mike got from you named Bear. Gary said he'd seen him fight before but didn't recognize him when I had him as they had put a lot of weight on him before I bought him.   I felt bad for Mike but he was a real gentleman about it and thanks to Gary, he knew I wasn't involved in no dog stealing.  I saw Mike at some shows after that and we always took time to visit and I liked him.  One time I had a cur bred bitch matched at Fat George and won in an hour and 47 min.  George told folks later it was 2 hours and something but it wasn't.  Mike came up to me after the fight and wanted to no if I had anymore of those "Cur Bred" dogs around.  I got lucky with her was all.  She was a UKC Purple Ribbon backyard bred dog that didn't get pushed to hard by Georges bitch.
Gary and Larry Warrren were close and I got to be pretty good friends with him as well.   Once Gary and I came down to Larry's  for a show and spent the night.  When we first got there Larry told me to go ask Fat George about his bet on the Tulsa- Purdue football game.  I asked Larry how much did he win from George and he said just go ask him about the bet.  So I went over where George was at and asked him about the game.  He said "Those dirty sons a bitches kicked a field goal with 3 seconds left to beat Tulsa.  I asked him if he'd bet on the game and he grumbled something so I said how much did you lose?  He said him and Larry had made one of those "dirty bets".  What's that I asked George.  He told me that the loser had to kiss that bulldogs balls that was chained up right where we was standing.  Larry told me that he was holding the dogs head and George was trying to kiss his balls but the dog was wagging his tail so hard he kept smacking George in the  head with his tail and they got somebody to hold his tail while the kissing took place.  Larry told me "Now don't tell George, but if that field goal had been wide, we was just going to have to fight cause I wasn't about kiss to no bulldog's balls".  
Well anyway Randy,  I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel free to quote me on any of it.  I'm long time out of the dog fighting.  It wound up seeming to me that it wasn't the right thing to be doing.  It was violent and led to more violence and most folks involved had to pay the piper one way or the other.  I took to reading the Bible and God's Word opened my eyes in the nick of time.  I was sure headed in the wrong direction.  Not just the dog fighting but a whole life full of wrong direction.
 The dogs around in the 70's ain't like the dogs the general population has now.  When they haven't been checked and culled and the people eaters get bred there are a bunch of hard biting, people eating cur dogs out there that sure give pitbulls a bad name.  I don't blame folks for not liking them today.  I wouldn't want none of my babies around them either.  They are like having a loaded shotgun laying around.  Of all the dogs I owned I only had one that would bite people.  This old dog trader that lived down the road called me one day and asked me if I was the guy who had those pitbulls chained up east of town.  I told him yeah, that'd be me.  He asked me if I'd be interested in another one.  I said maybe, what do you want for it?  He said he had a bitch dog he'd got from some one that got off the chain and killed the best coon dog he ever owned, three puppies and a billy goat.  She just about put him out of the dog business and if I wanted her just come get her out of his yard.  He had the papers and she was a scatter bred bitch and sure enough wanted to fight people.  I got her home and sorta made friends with her and rolled her in a few weeks and she quit cold.  I was glad of that as I didn't want her around my family.
  I got a few more good Larry Warren stories I'll send you some time.  Larry was quite a character back then.
Well Randy, keep on informing people what it was like.  They need to know.
I hope God continues to bless you and your family
Steve Thompson

Larry Warren. He is an older man here.

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