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John P. Colby, Family and dogs. Page # 7
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John P. Colby One of the famous Early dogmen.

Above is John Pritchard Colby. He was born January 15, 1875. He died in 1941 in Newbury located in Essex County, Massachusettes. His wife was Florence. His father was Joseph Lunt Colby and Nellie S. Jackson. John Colby had eight children. They were John Pritchard Colby Jr., Joseph L. Colby, Marjorie E. Colby, Helen A.B. Colby, Florence Louise Colby, Louis B. Colby, Alexander F. Colby,and Jackson R. Colby. John P. Colby was one of the men that started dogfighting in America. He produced some of the best in his era. Some of his dogs ended up in some of the better dogmens hands likw Earl Tudor amd George Armatage. Then and later on. Loposay crossed them awith Lightner dogs nd got many great dogs.
John Pritchard COLBY was born on 15 JAN 1875 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts. He appeared in the census in 1880 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts. (living at home with father and mother) He appeared in the census on 2 JUN 1900 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts. (living at home with father and mother.) He appeared in the census on 16 APR 1910 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts. He appeared in the census on 16 JAN 1920 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts. He appeared in the census in 1930 in Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts. He died in 1941 at Newburyport, Essex County, Massachusetts.
American Pit Bull Terriers

John P. Colby (1875-1941) started his strain of American Pit Bull Terriers in 1889, from the best dogs from England and Ireland brought here by immigrants to such ports as Boston, Ma, Portsmouth, NH and New York. The Colby dogs have been bred continuously since then.
Now, some 116 years later, the strain is still known worldwide for tops in conformation, temperament, and gameness. A "Colby dog" would be readily recognized by breeders anywhere in this country, as well as many foreign countries

This is a scan of the original obituary.

John Pritchard Colby, "United States, World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918"


John Pritchard Colby, "Massachusetts, Births, 1841-1915"

name: John Pritchard Colby
titles & terms:
event: Birth
event date: 15 Jan 1875
event place: Newburyport,  Massachusetts
gender:                                   Male
race:                                       White



father:  Joseph Lunr Colby
mother: Ellen Saunders Jackman
mother's :
mother's birthplace:
mother's age:
paternal grandfather:
paternal grandmother:
maternal grandfather:
maternal grandmother:
additional relatives:
volume/page/certificate number: 284
film number: 1428167
digital folder number: 4096323
image number: 291

John Colby and Pro. fighter Jack Johnson.

Louis Colby, John Colbys son.
One of Louis's dogs.

NEWBURYPORT — Mr. Louis B. Colby, 90, of Newburyport, died Sunday, July 10, 2011 in the Country Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Newburyport, after a brief illness. He was the beloved husband of the late V. Marie (Butt) Colby, with whom he shared 69 years of marriage.

Louie was born in Newburyport, son of the late John P. and Florence (Fuller) Colby. He was a lifelong resident of Newburyport and was a graduate of Newburyport High School, Class of 1938. He was a World War II Army veteran and held the rank of Private First Class, and was awarded the Asiatic Pacific Theater Campaign Ribbon, and was a member of the Pigeon Section of the U.S. Army Signal Corps.

Louis worked as a salesman for Standard Brands for 46 years until his retirement in 1986. He also worked for Donahue Brothers in Methuen. Lou was a dog fancier — he was a world renowned breeder of the American Pit Bull Terrier and of game chickens. The Colby family has been breeding Pit Bull Terriers in Newburyport for over 100 years.

Louie's true devotion was his family and friends. He could often be seen driving a team of horses on a hay ride through Maudsley State Park, milking cows and racing his homing pigeons. He had a special talent for telling stories and sharing his life experiences. He also enjoyed driving his standard bred race horses. He was awarded Dog Man of the year in 2000 by the ADBA.

He was the father to William A. Colby and his wife Lisa of Newburyport, John R. Colby and his wife Cindy of Duncanville, Texas, Bruce A. Colby of Newburyport, Marjorie Colby Sullivan of Hamilton, Janice C. Morse and her husband Charles of Berwick, Maine, Peter L. Colby of Seabrook, N.H., Paul F. Colby and his wife Ann of Newburyport, and Scott P. Colby and his wife Heather of Amesbury. He was the cherished grandfather of his 15 grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.

He was the father of the late Louis B. Colby, Jr.; father-in-law of the late Phil L. Sullivan, Jr.; and brother of the late John Colby, Joseph Colby, Alexander "Mike" Colby, Jackman "Dick" Colby, Marjorie Fuller and Helen Scott.

ARRANGEMENTS: Lou's funeral service will be in the Old South Church, 29 Federal St., Newburyport, on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend. Interment will be in Sawyer Hill Burial Ground, Newburyport. The family has asked for donations to be made in Lou's name to the Endangered Breeds Association, c/o Joan Morrison, Route 1, Box 71, Gore, OK 74435. For online register book, please visit www.cuffemcginn.com. Arrangements are entrusted to the Cuffe-McGinn Funeral Home, 157 Maple St,Lynn.

Louis B. Colby.

Colby's Pincher 24 time winner

Colby's Billy

Colby's Twister 3 time winner.

Colby's Goldie

John P. Lewis & Old Gyp

Florence Colby and a Colby Dog.

This is a Newspaper article taken from a historical society. I tell all sides of the pitbull History. Even if it hurts someone's feelings  Pitbulls seldom hurt anyone but a small percent are not trustworthy like any other dog breed. Children are much more important than any dog and that is why I tell this story. I've had Pitbulls for 50 years and no one has ever been hurt by any of my dogs. I've had several Colby dogs and none would bite a child. So the following is a rare happening.
Uncle John P. Colby Owner of the Dog
NEWBURYPORT, Feb 2, 1909 -- Bert, the 2-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Walter Leadbetter of Lynn, was killed this afternoon by a fighting Pit bull terrier, owned by his uncle, John P. Colby, at 36 Franklin st.
Mrs Leadbetter and her son had come here to visit her brother, who is a dog fancier. The little fellow wandered into the yard where the kennels are.
The dog sprang at the child's neck and grabbed him by the neck. Mr Colby subdued the dog and brought the child into the house. He was faintly breathing, but quickly all signs of life disappeared. a ambulance was called, found that spine had been broken at the base of the neck. The other wounds, while serious, were not necessarily fatal.
 Mr Leadbetter was hastily summoned. Patrolman Hayes, whose beat is at the south end of town heard of the death. The patrolman was finally able to secure the particulars and it was found to be a terrible accident..
No action has been taken relative to the dog. Mr Colby told the authorities  that his own child who was a three year old had played about the kennels and had never been hurt. John Colby was real broken up about losing a family member who was a child. Many pitbull clubs have copied this story and it has been rewritten trying to make it sound like all pitbulls are like this dog. Keep in mind this was a fighting pit bull that had been fought various time and had developed some bad issues. Not all fighting dogs are bad and not all fighting dogs are good. No big dog should be left alone with a child. Many big breeds of dogs could have killed this child. I saw where a Chihuahua ate the fingers off a baby and in another article a Chihuahua ate the toes off a baby. Both these dogs were left alone with the baby while the parents were outside.and couldn't hear the baby's screams. I Randy Fox and my wife own a half Chihuahua X Rat Terrier cross. She bit my Grandson Asher in the face but only scratched his face. He moved away fast or she would have got him good. My Grandson pestered her big time and she hates him. When he is here we put her up in a crate so she can't bite him. If she were a big stout dog of various breeds. She could kill him.  People are at fault for any of these dog bite injuries not any particular dog Breed are at fault.


Colby's Primo was accepted into AKC.
Primo was registered both as a pitbull and an also an Amstaff.

Colby's Tige, A 2 time winner.

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John P. Colby & Bill

Louis Colby & Colby's Bucky

Colby's Bob Tailed Bob. 21 time winner.