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Many New Arrest. These dogfighters families suffer more than any dogs when arrested.

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Some Laws & theories about dogfighting.
Some of the dogs I fought 1960's 70' 80's History #2 & dogs fought out of my dogs.
Many New Arrest. These dogfighters families suffer more than any dogs when arrested.
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Notice below. I have warned you dogfighters. Stop before you lose your family or maybe even your life. Some of the animal rights groups are dangerous.

Investigators and the Humane Society and the ASPCA are only interested in the welfare of the dogs. That is as long as the contributions keeps coming in. No person ever says anything about the children that are left fatherless and homeless. They say nothing about the women that are left without husbands. Have you ever seen anyone on these raids headed to the house to council the family. No they are all out to help a few dogs that they don't even know. That is if the truth was known. It is all about the dogs not families. Yes this is a crime and someone has to pay. When anyone is arrested for dogfighting. The entire family is sentenced to a bad future. Let it be known the children and wives pay much more than any dog. As a former dog fighter I can tell you. Most of these dogs are not in bad shape like the articles state. But without the hype. The ASPCA and the Humane society and Law Enforcement do not get the slap on the back and the donations they desire. Nor do the people who write this stuff get to sell their articles. How do I know this is Hype. Look at the dogfights they film. Pitbulls seldom make a sound when they fight. These films sound effect are dubbed. They record some yapping dog that isn't a pitbull and put that sound to their film. That makes it sound like the dogs are getting hurt. I took a young man to a dogfight back in the early 1980's. He watched the fight and said. They didn't make a sound like they do on TV. Are these pitbulls special. I told him not hardly any pitbull makes a nosie when they fight. There was a young policeman from Arkansas that came here several years back and got a Patterdale from me. He said he did care about the children. He is not one of men who don't care. He thinks of all those things when an arrest is made of any man or woman. For every action there is a reaction. These kids without their fathers may grow up to be robbers, rappest or any kind of gangster. They may go cross country from California to Florida commiting various crimes. These people involved with this police action. Including the ASPCA and the HUMANE SOCIETY may even suffer. One of these children may break into their homes and kill their entire family. That is if these children do not get the proper guidence..   The Lord knows we have to many children running wild in the streets so to speak. Children are the most important thing in this world. They should be counciled and worked with when their fathers leave them. All this isn't their fault. They didn't weave this web they are caught up in. I quit fighting dogs when I was 40. My children never were part of any of these crimes I committed. They grew up to be fine honest upstanding citizens. They didn't ever attended a dogfight and I didn't tell them anything about me fighting dogs. My wife said they knew it. They were aware I use to fight dogs but I don't talk about it to them even today. Everytime I read this crap I am so glad I no longer fight dogs. Please Media write about the family and the children who are left fatherless because of these arrest. and don't smear them and leave them out of the circle of help. Do you know it takes a nationside average of 50,000 a month to house a prisioner in Prison counting medical and everthing. That is 600 thousand annually. This comes to 3,000,000 dollars ever five years. Plus the government will have to feed these children take care of their health issues and also some of these dogfighters wives will have to have help. We are breaking america with all this misjustice. We hold the record for having the most  people behind bars over every country in the world. America will always be broke with these type convictions. Why not put a Bracelet on his leg and monitor him. Tell him he cannot ever own another pitbull. Then force him to take care of his family properly. Or the actions of the authorities can just keep being stupid and break america and ruin these children. Am I the only american that can see what is happening. All these people are really getting off on putting you away. It is almost sexual to them. They seem to be running around with their stingers out and their eyes rolled back in their heads. What a crew. Please, Please, Think. Use your brain. 'Do not fight dogs'. You family is the geatest asset you will ever have. None of these Bleeding heart animal association people care about you. Only you can help yourself.

Dog fighting crackdown nets 12 arrests in 4 states

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Associated Press

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- An investigation into organized dog fighting and gambling in the Southeast resulted in 12 arrests and the seizure of 367 pits bulls in one of the nation's largest crackdowns on the bloody exhibitions.

Federal, state and local officials announced the arrests Monday. They stemmed from raids Friday on homes in Alabama and Georgia and the seizure of more than $500,000 in cash that investigators believe was tied to illegal gambling on dog fights.

"I believe if Dante were alive today and rewriting the 'Inferno' that the lowest places in hell would be reserved for those who commit cruelty to our animals and to our children," U.S. Attorney George Beck said at a news conference.

Court-appointed attorneys for some of the defendants said they plan to plead not guilty at an arraignment Wednesday.

The defendants are charged with conspiring to promote and sponsor dog fights and arranging for dogs to be at the fights in several south and east Alabama counties and in Holly Springs, Miss., between 2009 and 2013.

Most of the defendants also are charged with conducting an illegal gambling business. In an indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Opelika, one defendant is accused of winning $35,000 at a dog fight in Waverly in August 2011. Two others were stopped by officers with $12,000 in cash after attending a dog fight at a bar in Macon County in February 2012, the indictment said.

Federal, state and local officials simultaneously served search warrants Friday to make arrests and seize dogs in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Coffee County Sheriff David Sutton said the dogs at one Elba home were covered by fleas and were secured by heavy chains connected to car axles buried in the ground. Officials said some pit bulls were so malnourished their ribs were sticking out and others had bad wounds that required emergency care.

"Those animals can't speak like you and I," Sutton said. They bark and they whine. We chose to speak for them, and I believe we sent a message out. .... If you do the crime, we are going to come see you."

Officials with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Humane Society of the United States said the organizations are caring for the animals at undisclosed locations, and the animals will have to be kept as evidence while the case progresses. Eventually, they hope to retrain the dogs and get them new homes.

"They are finally getting a loving hand from responders who care for these dogs, but sadly there are many other dogs out there going through this type of abuse," ASPCA vice president Tim Rickey said.

Rickey said the case was among the largest ever and was as significant as the largest known seizure of nearly 500 dogs in Missouri and four and surrounding states in 2009. That case became known as the "Missouri 500."

Charged are: Donnie Anderson, 48, of Auburn; Demontt Allen, 37, of Houston, Texas; William Antone Edwards, 42, of Brantley; William Oneil Edwards, 39, of Elba; Robin Stinson, 40, of Elba; Michael Martin, 54, of Auburn; Lawrence Watford, 35, of Adel, Ga.; Ricky Van Le, 24, of Biloxi, Miss.; David Sellers, 52, of Opelika; Sandy Brown, 47 ,of Brownsville; Carlton Tippens, age unavailable, of Georgia; and Irkis Forest, age unavailable, of Theodore.

Federal prosecutor Clark Morris, who coordinated the simultaneous raids, said other people have been indicted and are being sought. The number arrested changed during Monday's news conference from 10 to 11 and then 12 as authorities continued to round up suspects.


Several people have blamed Raven a pitbull delivery man for these raids. They got him for delivering fighting dogs. He was busted a couple of weeks before this one. These folks seem to think he rolled over to get a deal. I have another theory. These lawmen may have been working undercover on this dogfighting venture for some time. They decided that this would be a good time to jump on this raid. That way there undercover people will never be suspicioned. Everyone will be pointing the finger at Raven. Yet Raven might be part of this who knows. Maybe the so called 'Cyberbully' on pedigree's online is up to his neck in this raid. I'm sorry but I do not trust that Cyberbully person. He ask to many questions and calls everyone a snitch or the law to get the young men on Pedigree's online looking at someone besides him. I think that vulgar person he pretends to be is also a trick play. I hear he has changed his call name and is back up in business. They say he is not as disruptive as he was in the past. I don't get on pedigree's online anymore. That place is to crazy for me.

Please write me and tell me what do you think of this page. Does anyone feel like I do about all this?


These confiscated pups look real healthy.

This is one of the raided dog farms.

This Poster below tells me the Prison system isn't working. We do not teach people how to live with other people and do the right things by putting them in another more corrupt world. Where everyone in this world teaches them more wrong. This place OJTs people how to beat the system and your fellow man. This other world I speak of is prison. I mention this. Just in case you can't figure it out.


You Bleeding Heart animals rights people are sure helping america go broke and increase crime by getting these bills passed. We can thank all you animals rights people for Bribing Lobbyist that got all the bills passed that get dog fighters arrested and sent to prison. I know you'd like to add to your score by putting every hunter in jail to. I bet your stinger would peg out if you could make horse racing a felony. Lobbying is bribing and always has been. If you were half human yourself. You could figure out a way to stop this without taking all these fathers away from their children. This is coming from me a man who has never been in prison. Is there anyone out there that cares about children. Why do we let this keep going and going.


Prison Poem

A child writes to her father who is in jail. She writes him words of hope and love, reminding him that there are many outside that love him.

Daddy You're In Jail

Daddy you're in jail so far far away
and it hurts me almost every day
I knew when I was there
it was coming to an end
I knew I should of done something
right there and then.

Daddy you're in jail so far far away
you cant even be apart of my life today.
as I go threw boyfriends and do other things
you wont be there to call
when me and my mom are
yelling names, cussing at each other,
and she's putting me to shame because
I did some of those bad teenage things.

Daddy you're in jail so far far away
I wonder when you get out
will things be the same
will you be the dad that I know or
will you be someone else cuz
jail changed your soul.
I don't understand the reason for this
going to prison for drugs when in
there its a bigger mess.
its like taking a drunk to a bar
and expect him to sober up
when you know he's just
gonna get more messed up.

Daddy you're in jail so far far away
when you get out I guess I will see
the answers to the question I have today
but for right now I will just continue to pray
and hope for the best until that day.
I still love you and will write you too
please don't forget about me because
I will always care and miss you

Daddy you're in jail so far far away
while I sit here tears running down my face
hoping everything will fall into place
I will never forget the time we had
and try to be brave and not be sad
daddy I know its hard and you got a lot on your plate
but remember there's people willing to wait
for you to turn straight

Daddy you're in jail so far far away
you got 3 kids and parents too
that haven't gave up on you
you got a second chance to make it right
so continue the fight of the battle you got
to make it back to the ones you love!!!!!
By Sydnie L. Jackson


Brutal World of Dogfighting is Seen in Texan's Slaying

By Jack Douglas Jr.
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

August 27, 2006, CLEVELAND, TX -- In the dead of night, amid the thick woods of Southeast Texas, at least two gunmen broke into a house full of sleeping dogs, rifled through the place looking for a stash of cash, then shot the homeowner in the leg as dozens of angry pit bulls rattled their cages and strained their chains.

Investigators believe the intruders did not intend to kill Thomas Weigner in the early hours of Aug 1. Instead, they were trying to torture him into revealing where he had hidden $100,000 in cash, the amount wagered in a single high-stakes dogfight two weeks earlier south of Houston.

But Weigner, 27, described by police as a well-known breeder of fighting pit bulls, quickly bled to death, causing his attackers to flee, presumably without finding the loot.

Authorities who have been searching for his killers say they have stumbled across a startling trail of information that reveals just how organized, widespread and dangerous the underground world of wagered dogfighting has become, stretching from Texas and other states to as far away as Puerto Rico and Ecuador.

Players and participants include the rich and the poor, pitting one snarling dog against another in urban ghettos and rural woods. The winning prize can range from a few dollars to more than $100,000, money that law enforcement officers say is more often stashed in homes rather than banks to keep authorities from tracing the booty.

'Right under our noses'

"Where's the money!" the intruders reportedly kept screaming at Weigner as one of them shot and killed a pit bull that had broken free from its restraints.

Weigner's wife, Julie Laban, and her 7-year-old son witnessed the shooting of her husband, investigators were told, while Laban's two other small children and her parents lay bound in other parts of the house, located about five miles from the small town of Cleveland, 45 miles northeast of Houston.

Investigators are concerned that Weigner's attackers -- thought to be two men inside his house, another standing outside as a lookout and a fourth in a getaway car -- will be killed, before they are arrested, by those within their circles who are angry that police are now bearing down on their illegal network.

"This dogfighting deal is right under our noses. It's a big deal ... probably as big as the underworld drug business. It's everywhere," said Det. Sgt. Kenny Dagle, the Liberty County sheriff's investigator who is leading the homicide investigation, with assistance from the FBI, the Texas Rangers, the U.S. Postal Service and animal control officers in Houston.

"It's just another world out there," Dagle said.

In phone and e-mail interviews, John Goodwin, deputy manager of animal-fighting issues for the Humane Society of the United States, agreed that organized dogfighting, a felony offense in Texas, is reaching epidemic proportions nationwide.

"Texas has historically been a hub of organized dogfighting," Goodwin said from his headquarters in Washington. "I would estimate there are tens of thousands of dogfighters in the United States."

Goodwin said it was believed that Weigner belonged to an "international network of game dog breeders" that "fight for big money and then put their winners out to stud for high fees."

"It was only a matter of time," he said, "before dogfighters would start killing other dogfighters to get that cold, hard cash."

A shocking scene

Weigner started his work in western Pennsylvania, naming his operation Westpenn Kennels, and quickly became known as one of the "top dogfighters" in the country, Goodwin said. He was believed to have been associated with a pit bull breeding operation in Ecuador that produced the "Mayday bloodline," which Goodwin said was a "very popular line of fighting dogs."

Investigators say they have been told that about two weeks before his death, Weigner bet $50,000 that one of his fighting dogs would beat another dog during a bout in the shadowy woods south of Houston. He won, they said, and possibly took his money, and the loser's $50,000, back to his home.

"I feel that someone associated with the killing was at that dogfight," said Capt. Chip Fairchild, head of the criminal investigations division of the Liberty County Sheriff's Department.

Weigner's wife has moved her family back to their home in Pennsylvania and could not be reached for comment. Her Houston attorney, Dick Wheelan, said she had no knowledge of any organized dogfighting and was not aware of any large sum of money hidden at her Texas home.

At the time of his death, Weigner had about 300 pit bull terriers on his 22-acre property, with 30 of them caged or chained inside the house and garage.

Officers said they were shocked when they came upon the scene. Inside the wood and brick home, drawers had been pulled out, shoe boxes dumped over, and a wide swath of blood marked where Weigner had staggered from one room to another before he bled to death, a process that authorities said took no more than 8 minutes.

Investigators also found heavily muscled but otherwise unhealthy dogs tethered to stakes or placed in small pens, pacing and panting on littered ground marked by ringed pits where some of the fight training took place.

Alvy Scott, a farmer whose land adjoins that of Weigner's, said his neighbors moved in about two years ago with "just a few dogs." But as time went on, "the dog population just kept increasing and increasing. ... It got to be pretty smelly," Alvy said.

He added that his only concern was that if his own mild-mannered dog, Patches, got too close to Weigner's pit bulls, "they'd eat her up."

Black market trade

As people-friendly pets, the bow-legged, square-faced animals were worth virtually nothing, investigators said. But as vicious fighting dogs -- trained on a makeshift treadmill and forced to swim to exhaustion in an open tank of water -- they could bring as much as $1 million on the black market that trades in the animals, officials said. Some of the dogs, they said, could have been worth as much as $25,000 apiece.

Animal control officers took custody of 285 of the pit bulls from Weigner's property, and a judge has ordered all but those 6 months and younger put to sleep.

Courtney Frank, spokeswoman for the Houston Humane Society, said the majority of the dogs have been euthanized, while a "few dozen" of the pups are being treated at the Humane Society's shelter in far south Houston.

An around-the-clock police guard remains at the shelter, Frank said, after several people tried to "bully their way in" to get to the pit bulls, and one man actually got through the fence and came "pretty close to the dogs."

It has become obvious that "a lot of people have a lot at stake in getting these dogs back into some breeding situation," Frank said, adding that many of the dogs were "bred supposedly for maximum aggression, both mentally and physically, and that is appealing for underground circles."

Authorities are also investigating death threats against the Houston Humane Society and Sgt. Mark Timmers, an animal cruelty officer for a Harris County constable who worked to seize the pit bulls from Weigner's property.

Timmers said that as officials prepared to begin euthanizing the animals, he received anonymous e-mails such as these:

"The dogs die, you die."

And, "You're taking out the best bloodlines, so we're taking you out."

An underworld of crime

Such a threatening response to the seizure of nearly 300 mean dogs has made law enforcement officials more aware of just how desperate dogfighters can become if their network is endangered. And such concerns have resonated all the way to Congress.

U.S. Rep. Mark Green, R-Wis., has introduced legislation that would make it a federal felony, rather than the existing misdemeanor, to transport animals over state lines for the purpose of a wagered fight. The U.S. Senate has already passed such a proposal, and Green said he is confident his bill will pass the House, with plenty of nonpartisan support.

Dogfights are "extremely cruel and distasteful," said Green, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee. "But what really caught my attention," he said, "was the evidence that a lot of organized crimes and violent crimes are linked to the underworld of bird- and dogfighting."

Organizers of such events consider existing federal laws to be little more than "a slap on the wrist," the congressman said.

The killing of Weigner has sparked a flurry of talk on the Internet about a band of violent robbers traveling the country, targeting dogfight winners and breeders who are putting their large cash prizes in clothes drawers and shoe boxes rather than in banks.

"It seems the home invaders are part of a traveling professional squad that has now done the same in Detroit, GA and SC. They target those with the dogs, come in hard and will shoot anything that gets in their way," said one Web site, Boxdogs.com, which calls itself an online newspaper "dedicated to the coverage of all news about the American Pit Bull Terriers and other Game Dogs."

The Web site said the group of four robbers has a "list of the top dog men in the country and are traveling around to find them. ... They don't speak loud, yell or go crazy. They know what they want, MONEY, and will do anything to the person to get it."

"Texas has historically been a hub of organized dogfighting. I would estimate there are tens of thousands of dogfighters in the United States."

The culture

Vicious dogs. $50,000 wagers. Death threats. Authorities investigating Weigner's death are getting a rare look into the world of organized dogfighting, and they say it's becoming more widespread and more dangerous.

The crime

Weigner, described as a well-known breeder of fighting pit bulls, bled to death after he was shot in the leg. Authorities think the attackers were looking for $100,000 in cash thought to be hidden in his home near Cleveland, Texas.