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What a weird world this has become.

I had a fuss with some people on an animal rights Chat. They want all dog-fighters to go to Prison. Plus they want long term jail sentences.
      Michigan just passed a Bill to give men caught fighting dogs 20 years. That will cost a minimum of 1,000,000 dollars. What a fleecing of America. Without the facts this seems like a good deal for them to do. I wrote on these peoples web. It cost $50,000 for each inmate to be kept in prison and even much more if their health is bad. The government also has to help feed their family. That kind of money will hire a teacher or maybe even a fireman or a policeman. Plus each time anyone is jailed in prison. It is adding to the bankruptcy of America. It does this every-time you put one of these young men in jail for dogfighting or for any minor league crime some one can get through the congress. You have to realize you leave children without a father. There are many young black men today that are raised in a single family home and to many of all races.This happens in black homes 75 percent more than white homes. Each time there is a family that is raised by their mother. It makes it almost impossible for her to keep a house up and keep the children clean and work to. She will not have the time to follow them around and make them be good citizens. It is not these kids fault. It is the system that has failed them. Everyone should be with their children no matter what their race is. Everyone should be held accountable to the children and their welfare. How can that be possible with so many fathers in Jail. The ASPCA lobbyist don't have to look at those children crying their eyes out as their dad is led away. Law enforcement has to look at them as they grow to be small time lawbreakers to big time lawbreakers. My suggestion is to put the electronic bracelet on these dog-fighter's leg or any felon who isn't committing crimes against humans. Fine them for what they have done. Make them work and go straight home. Let them work and monitor them from a data center that tracks their movement. It would be much cheaper for our country and they could still observe each felon and the felon could make their children mind when they are at home. Advising their children not to follow in their footsteps. Plus pay their fine at a gradual basis so the country does not have to feed their family. Man did I stir up a hornet's nest. I believe that type punishment would be much cheaper for our country to run. Restriction is a harsh enough punishment for each of them. How would any person like to be observed 24-7 and not be able to roam freely.
      I wrote this and all those animal rights people went crazy at me. They claim they have hundreds of thousands that believe like they do. They say they have lots of Senators and Congressmen in their pockets. They say I'm heartless because I think these young men and their families are more important than any dog.
      One lady said Jesus Christ doesn't like dogfighting. I wrote back and said. Since you brought Jesus into the conversation. I know Jesus wouldn't let the men Stone a Lady who was a Prostitute. He also told the Thief on the cross beside him he would take him to heaven. He didn't say one thing about taking dogs to Heaven. At least I had my say. I was aware I was going to catch heck but I said it anyway. What a weird world this have become. I do not know what to do to stop all the crazy new movements to jail everyone they disagree with. Does anyone know how to change all this trend in our Country? All these laws were passed with a lie to the legislature. The special interest groups claim that the pit-bulls are hurt critically or die when fought. That is the first lie. I fought dogs for close to 30 years and can testify. I did not see over three or four dogs killed in dogfights during that time I spent as a dog fighter. Most were not hurt anymore than the Ultimate fighters. The rules are usually Cajun rules. They almost never fight to the death. They fight the dogs for a while and then they seperate them. One has to walk all the ways over across the pit and grab the other dog within twenty seconds. Then they fight a while longer. Then they are separated and the second dog has to go across and grab the first dog being held in his corner. Then they take turn about going across. The firsts dog that does not want to fight any longer or is hurt or to tired to go across in that 20 seconds loses. They do not have to die to lose. The second lie is the dog fighters are getting rich fighting dogs. The average fight where one man fights a dog is $1000 to $5000. It is not cheap to get a dog in shape. It takes money so they do not make that $1000 to $5000 as full profit. Plus they have traveling expense. About 1 in 5000 dogfights are fought for big bucks. They do not win all the time either so they don't make the money the animal rights people say they do. I fought lots of dogs when I was a young man. I won most if them. I bought most of the dogs I fought  and after testing them only one out of ten was worth a fight. So  I paid for ten and lost money on nine after testing them. So I lost lots of money and many more lost more than me. Yet I still enjoyed  fighting and winning. My point of this is that all these young men that have been villainized and sent to the penitentiary for dogfighting. They are there due to a campaign of lies to maximize the issues of the whole dogfight act. Plus bribing Senators and Congressmen with what is not called bribing but is called Lobby money. To get these laws passed.